About Passive Income Increase

Wecome to Passive Income Increase! You’ve taken your first step towards moving away from a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, towards financial freedom and independence. I’m so excited to help you get started!

Who is Hilary?

I’ve been a nurse for 10 years, and finally got started back in college to get my PhD. I love learning – but what I don’t love is debt. I’ve racked up some pretty substantial student loans, and now I’m working to pay them off. My focus is on getting rid of debt, ensuring financial health, and helping others to do the same. Getting rid of debt is one of the healthiest steps toward financial freedom, and I”d love to help you get started!

Why I Want to Help Others: 

Financial stress and the pressure to be a consumer are keeping people in poverty. I want to be able to be financially sound, with enough to look towards the future and still have a little fun now! I’d like to not worry about whether or not i’ll pay the phone or electric bill this month, and I want to help people who have those same worries. 

It’s a different economy than it used to be – but there is so much we can do with the technology available to us. I want to share the knowledge I have, and encourage people to grow in their own financial health. 

What is Passive Income Increase?

I’ve worked since I was a teen, and it’s really hard nowadays to get a job that covers the bills, much less leaves you money in the bank – even as a nurse! Passive Income Increase focuses on helping you set up passive income that will supplement your paycheck, leaving out some of the financial stress. By no means is this a get-rich-quick idea – you’re going to have to work for it. However, once you get it rolling, it’s much MUCH less stressful than punching a timeclock and arguing about who “borrowed” your pen and brought it back sticky. Ugh. 

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Hilary Johnstone

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